How You Can Help Children in the Border Kids Crisis

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The Rio Grande Valley of Texas has been the portal for tens of thousands of children who have ventured to the U.S.-Mexico border over several months, most fleeing extreme poverty and unimaginable violence in Central American countries. People have different views about the situation; some being very outspoken either protesting and citing immigration laws, others in defense of the kids and urging a speedy immigration reform to help.

All politics aside, when this beautiful country stops being compassionate, we will lose the greatness that we’ve been known for. It is crucial that the U.S. response to the border crisis be both generous and humane.

Regardless of any political views, here are ways you can help the children that have traveled for days, walked hundreds of miles and have suffered so much just to get here. Nothing goes unnoticed by God, He will bless you for giving.   

Border Kids Relief ProjectBecome a Partner

Get involved with the Border Kid’s Relief Project. Discover several ways to get involved including leading a donation collection team in your local area, and helping spread the word. The Orphaned Earring is proudly partnering with this effort, stay tuned for more details.

Sign a Petition

We Belong Together petition  - Tell President Obama that children and families don’t belong in detention.

I Stand With The Border Children petition - Recognize these #borderchildren as refugees because they are fleeing violence and political instability.


Catholic Charities of Dallas is looking for Spanish-speakers to conduct interviews with children. Contact volunteer coordinator Eileen O’Malley at

The League of United Latin American Citizens is looking for Spanish-speaking volunteers to tutor, mentor and help with recreational activities once the children arrive. Those interested can sign up here.

Legal services

Catholic Charities is also looking for volunteer attorneys. Contact Eileen O’Malley at

The Dallas Hispanic Bar Association and the Human Rights Initiative of North Texas are training attorneys to help represent children in immigration cases. Those who are interested can sign up here.

American Bar Association is looking for pro bono attorneys for the South Texas Pro Bono Asylum Representation Project (ProBAR), contact them here.

Clothing and other goods

Visit The Border Kids Relief Project for a full list and locations of where to help.

Catholic Charities of Dallas is asking for Target and Walmart gift cards in $25 increments. These will be used to buy clothes for the kids. Gift cards can be sent or delivered to Mary Jo Dorn at the Catholic Charities offices, 9461 LBJ Freeway, Suite 128, Dallas TX 75243.

Catholic Charities is also asking for toiletries, pajamas, rosaries, Bibles, prayer books and picture books — in Spanish, if possible. These can be dropped off at 9461 LBJ Freeway, Suite 128.

Texas Baptists Disaster Recovery is seeking specific clothing and food items for its border locations. Details on what’s needed and where items can be donated are here.

First United Methodist Church of Dallas is accepting donations of Pedialyte, newborn Nido powdered formula, and children’s underwear. The church is at 1928 Ross Ave. in downtown Dallas. Donations should be brought to the reception desk at the San Jacinto Street entrance.

Other Critical Items Needed TX, NM, CA area:

New Tennis Shoes: Women sizes 5 to 8.5 New Tennis Shoes: Children sizes 2-12 New Women’s Cotton Underwear (sizes 5 and under) New Children’s Cotton Underwear Baby Toiletries (infant to toddler) Toiletries Disposable Diapers Baby Wipes Nido Baby Formula/Powered Milk Hygiene Products (sanitary napkins, no tampons) Small Towels Children’s Blankets Small Backpacks Easy Open Snacks Easy Open Juices Rebozos (baby sling/wraps) Reading Glasses

Become A Foster Parent/Family

International Education Services of Texas is providing emergency shelters and long-term care facilities for immigrant children, and helping place children with foster families. Contact them here.

Lutheran Immigration and Refuge Service is working diligently with government and service partners to care for Central American children and families fleeing to the US for refuge. Learn about becoming a foster parent for immigrant youth. Connect with a LIRS partner site or make an inquiry here.

Monetary gifts

Catholic Charities of Dallas will use donations to cover legal fees for representation of the children. Donations can be made online here or dropped off at the office, 9461 LBJ Freeway, Suite 128, Dallas TX 75243.

Texas Baptists Disaster Recovery is accepting donations online here and by mail, in care of Finance & Accounting, Baptist General Convention of Texas, 333 N. Washington Ave., Dallas TX 75246. Checks should be made payable to “Texas Baptists Disaster Recovery,” with the memo notation, “For the Children Fund.”

First United Methodist Church in Dallas is taking donations at its website.

Free Lowe’s Build & Grow Workshops

LOzzie at Lowe'sooking for a fun way to spend some time with your little ones, well you need to checkout Lowe’s kids workshop, Build and Grow Clinics. Every other Saturday during the summer Lowe’s invites you and your family to come down and create a project together.

When you first arrive, you will need to sign in and let them know its your first time visit. your little ones will get a very coolLowe’s apron and working goggles. Make sure you bring them with you every visit. They will be handed a project that you will help them put together. The Lowe’s team is always near by to offer assistance if needed.

Once the project is complete head back to the signup area your little ones will be given a certificate with their names and a badge your can iron on. 

its a fun way to spend a Saturday morning plus its FREE!! my favorite price. 

To view the summer schedule check out Lowe’s website:
Lowe's Build & Grow

Gillette Making Us Cheer for Charity at Home Run Derby!

Baseball has been a part of my life. Growing up my dad played baseball and would take me to the baseball field where I would watch him play. I remember being so mesmerized seeing my daddy at home plate hitting that fast ball, I was watching my hero play!

$465,000 raised for charity through Gillette Home Run Derby

Daddy BaseballToday my daddy is in his 70s and plays softball and although I don’t go with him to the baseball field anymore, we get to watch the Home Run Derby together at home. These are the special moments that make me feel like his little girl again.

Last night at the Gillette sponsored Home Run Derby, Yoenis Cespedes won the Gillette Home Run Derby but we saw a great line-up of 10 players who came together not only to entertain us but teamed up to raise money for charity. With 82 total home runs hit during the competition (including 11 FlexBall home runs worth $10,000 each), Gillette and Major League Baseball combined to raise $465,000 to charity!

The fact that hitting home runs meant raising money for charities had me rooting and feeling excited for the contest and each time the #Flexball was up (at the end of each set per player and doubling the donation) both my dad and I sent good vibes so the player could hit it out of the park! Sitting there with the old version of my daddy made me think that, just as my daddy was to me, these men are today’s modern day heroes setting a great example for little boys and girls everywhere.

I can’t wait for next year’s Home Run Derby already! I hope Gillette continues its support to charities – heck, I hope one day any brand would want to help The Orphaned Earring!

Don’t miss tonight’s All-Stars take the field with the All-Star Game taking place on National Television. The game will air on FOX and the pregame will start at 7:30 p.m.

And in case you were wondering, the collected funds will be distributed as follows:

  • $50,000 to Cespedes’ charity of choice for winning the competition
  • $95,000 to Minneapolis Boys & Girls Club programs and MLB “Reviving Baseball in Inner Cities” (RBI) program
  • $20,000 to the charities of choice for each of Cespedes’ Derby teammates
  • $25,000 to NL Captain Troy Tulowitzki’s charity of choice
  • $25,000 to AL Captain Jose Bautista’s charity of choice
  • $8,000 to the charities of choice for each of the NL participants
  • The balance of the funds raised will be split between RBI & Boys & Girls Clubs of America

Nearly $4 million has been raised for charity over the past 11 years, including an all-time high of $615,000 donated in 2012.

WorldCup Bringing Us Closer Together

Soccer Fun

This is a paid post in collaboration with Crest and Latina Bloggers Connect but all ideas, pictures and stories are my own.

Soccer is the greatest game in the world. I don’t say this because I’m a soccer fan, in fact I can’t ever remember all the rules and when watching a game and a commentator shouts “GOOOALLLL” I know my fiancée will either be really happy or really upset. Nevertheless, soccer is the only game that is played worldwide and has the ability to bring people together.

Mexico and BrazilIt is the favorite sport at all our orphanages, there is not a single time when we’ve visited the Nicaragua and Mexico orphanage where they kids don’t hold a soccer match and for that moment, the only thing they think about is the love for the game, helping them have happiness and joy despite of their conditions. I love seeing how the World Cup is being celebrated by all races and financial status, orphans and not.The enthusiasm of fans coming from all over the world to meet in one place to watch the World Cup is palpable, I even get sucked into it and root for the teams closest to my country!


Ozzie ManThe World Cup also has the effect of getting my family together to watch the games and the further our team goes, the closer we get. In the past few days we’ve celebrated World Cup by doing Brazilian Butt lift videos (hey! Brazilians have amazing bodies) and we’ve taken the kids out to kick the ball around.

Soccer brings a unique explosion of joy, regardless of who’s sitting next to you. Crest® Complete + Scope allows you to get closer to people, providing you the confidence that comes from knowing you are covered and protected against bad breath.

Get great coupons on Crest products here:

Everyone has their own way of celebrating and getting closer, I’m happy to know that Crest Complete allows us to get closer to people and provides the confidence that comes from knowing you are covered and protected against bad breath!

TMI: We Need Señorita Care Packs For #QuinceDreams

Late last year when I visited the orphanage in Nicaragua I asked our orphan teenage girls what they wanted me to bring them back from the U.S. on my next visit. The girls were hesitant and elbowed one another to speak up but finally I got an answer, they wanted sanitary napkins!

I expected to hear that they wanted what any other teenager wants: electronics, games, clothes or expensive shoes. Each month, when “aunt flow” visits them they use strips of cloth made from their own old clothes as sanitary napkins. After each use the girls have to wash these strips by hand and air-dry to then re-use. Since areas such as “lavanderos” (where they wash clothes by hand, see picture) and clothes lines to dry are common areas, ALL the kids and even the older boys are aware of the girl’s time of month. Like any other teenage girl they are embarrassed and hate to have to experience this each month.

Not only did I understand their embarrassment, it made me aware of all the other needs that go beyond the popular thought of food and clothes. Obviously these girls need a mom to teach them, love them and provide these types of products but unfortunately we can’t do anything about that. So what can we do?

QuinceDreams + Señorita Care Packs

I’m asking for donations to raise enough funds to celebrate the Quinceañera of 3 girls in Guatemala and 4 girls in Mexico. We have about 30 more days to reach our goal of $2500 and we still need your help. In addition to fundraising, we are putting together “Señorita Packs” for all the teenage girls at the centers. It will contain:

  • Sanitary napkins
  • Deodorant
  • Floss
  • Basic make up such as natural color blush, mascara and lip gloss
  • Nail polish
  • Brush + hair accessories
  • Sports bra + underwears

Any money raised beyond the $2,500 needed for the Quinceanera will be used to buy all the items listed above to put together the “Señorita Packs.” I will be traveling to Guatemala and Mexico and personally deliver these packs to all the teenage girls.

I’m inviting you to be a big sister, a caring brother, a padrino, a madrina or adoptive parent and HELP us change these girls’ lives because it’s not only about providing material things, it’s sending the clear message that they are loved, that we think of them and that we are rooting for their success!

Where to donate

Support #QuinceDreams and donate any amount using Paypal and use the email:


Donate through our Fundly campaign

Where you can ship items

Ship any new items for the Señorita Packs listed above by July 15, 2014 to:

The Orphaned Earring

P.O. Box 1565

Hawthorne, CA 90251

You have a little feeling in your heart that keeps inspiring you to do something good and to give back and you keep putting it off. Stop waiting, this is your opportunity!

#QuinceDreams Contest! Win a DKNY Purse!

ContestIn celebration of our 7 Quinceañeras from the orphanages in Mexico and Guatemala, we are hosting a fantastic contest. Every woman/girl loves accessories and among our favorites are purses!

One lucky winner will win a beautiful red DKNY scarf purse and 2 orphan earring bracelets. In exchange we are asking you to help raise awareness and encourage others to donate any amount to help make dreams of these orphan girls come true! He are the details:


  • A beautiful red DKNY purse + scarf  pictured ($185 value)
  • 2 The Orphan Earring bracelets + collection jar ($30 value)



 How to win:

  • Contest Bracelets Post Quinceañera or Sweet 16 picture on instagram using #QuinceDream and tagging @the_orphaned_earring
  • Share our Fundly campaign link on your social media accounts and encourage others to donate any amount here:
  • Like The Orphaned Earring Facebook page
  • Follow us on Twitter
  • Leave a comment on this post letting us know what a Quinceanera means to you

Selecting the winner

Winner will be picked at random if they completed all steps above. If any participant does not have any of the social media accounts above (FB, Twitter, Instagram) they can re-share The Orphaned Earring contest post using #QuinceDreams + #ISupport  to have the same chances to win.
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Could you spot a stroke F.A.S.T.?


Did you know stroke is the No.4 cause of death overall, killing more than 129,000 people a year. Stroke is the No.3 cause of death for women and No.5 cause of death for men. Latinos tend to have strokes at younger ages than general population? Or that stroke kills 1 in 3 Latinas? Many factors contribute to Latinas’ high stroke risk, as well as high risk of death from stroke. Latinas may not know the signs of stroke or the importance of seeking treatment right away.

May is American Stroke Month, so the American Heart Association/American Stroke Association and the Ad Council are working to raise awareness about F.A.S.T—an acronym used to recognize a stroke and what to do in a stroke emergency.

F.A.S.T. stands for:

F – Face Drooping

Does one side of the face droop or is it numb? Ask the person to smile.

A – Arm Weakness

Is one arm weak or numb? Ask the person to raise both arms. Does one arm drift downward?​

S – Speech Difficulty

Is speech slurred? Are they unable to speak, or are they hard to understand? Ask the person to repeat a simple sentence like: “The sky is blue.” Is the sentence repeated correctly?

T- Time to call 9-1-1

If the person shows any of these symptoms, even if the symptoms go away, call 9-1-1 and get them to the hospital immediately.

When you recognize a stroke and immediately call 9-1-1, the person has a greater chance of getting to an appropriate hospital quickly and being assessed for treatment options like a clot-busting drug and other medical devices. But many people do not know the warning signs of a stroke – information that may save a life. We hope you’ll help share with others this life saving information.

Be A Madrina or Padrino for #QuinceDreams!

QuinceDreamsFor the last 5 years, we’ve helped over 300 orphans in Latin America by providing food, clothes, school supplies and arts & crafts. As you know our organization collects orphan earrings and unused jewelry and recycles the materials by making bracelets and thus, giving new meaning to the jewelry and a new home to the orphan earring. One hundred percent of the proceeds go to the orphanages.

Even though we struggle every month to make our monthly goal of $150, it’s incredible to see how $30 a month they feed about 60 children daily for a month in Guatemala. Isn’t that amazing? While that is truly an accomplishment, we often forget that these orphanages also house young ladies with dreams of having a Quinceanera celebration, similar to a Sweet 16, a Quinceanera is a big deal in Latin American countries that celebrates a girls right-of-passage. Without parents to make this celebration happen, these young ladies will never have a special day due to the hardships they face.

Unfortunately bad people exist and pray on the vulnerable. There are sick people othat lure these teenage girls to run away with promises of a better life, a girl with unfulfilled wishes may be especially vulnerable to falling victim. We want to let these girls know that they are loved. During this crucial time in life we want to make sure they know dreams come true and give them hope for the future.

This year, in addition to our regular contributions and ongoing help to each center, we want to make the dreams of 7 teenage girls come true and help them get the Quinceanera they deserve but we need your help!

Become a Quinceanera MADRINA o PADRINO! Donate any amount of money to cover the celebration costs in honor of  4 girls in Mexico and 3 girls in Guatemala.  There are truly amazing, well behaved and excellent students that deserve it! This is how you can help:

You can also become a monthly supporter to help us continue bring smiles to over 300 children!

  • Become a monthly donor. Any amount helps! Click on this Paypal Link, enter the amount you want to donate in the amount box and then check the recurring monthly payment box.

It might be ambitious of The Orphaned Earring to think they can make all their orphaned children dreams come true, but with your support I know NOTHING is impossible! THANK YOU !

Keeping Kids Active This Summer

Este post es parte de una campaña pagada de SunnyD y Latina Mom Bloggers Sin embargo, todas las opiniones expresadas son solamente mias y este post no ha sido editado por terceros

Este post es parte de una campaña pagada de SunnyD y Latina Mom Bloggers Sin embargo, todas las opiniones expresadas son solamente mias y este post no ha sido editado por terceros

As adults we can sometimes underestimate the fact that children love to jump, play, run around and be so active all the time. Children live their lives without thinking or limited to specific schedules and rules, they only listen to their body’s natural energy levels and guided by their creativity. That’s what keeps them healthy!

It’s not until they get older that staying active becomes a challenge for kids because of the increasing demands of school, the feeling among some kids that they aren’t good at sports, the lack of active role models and busy working families. In addition, times have changes and we cannot let our kids run wild with other kids in the neighborhood like we did back a couple decades ago. So even kids that have the time and the desire to be active, parents may not feel comfortable letting them roam freely.

Opportunities might be limited but despite these barriers, parents can instill a love of activity and help kids fit it into their everyday routines and enrolling them to camps that allow them to feel like champions and you the hero of the day!

SunnyD ProCamps give parents the opportunity to provide her son or daughter the chance to feel like a sports star at a ProCamp near you. Each camp is led by one of the biggest names in professional sports. Tickets to a ProCamp include learning the fundamentals of baseball, basketball, football, hockey or soccer, pep talks from the pro and playing sports with children their own age. This is a fun and educational event that will teach children the fundamentals of sports and give them a chance to learn from a professional athlete.


As Jacob’s tia, I’ll be registering him to a SunnyD camp to continue nurturing his love for sports!

Registering for a SunnyD ProCamp is easy! Just visit, pick the camp of your choice, and your child could win a spot at a SunnyD ProCamps.

Benefits of Being Active
When kids are active, their bodies grow healthy and they’ll physically be able to do more. Why? Because regular exercise provides these benefits:

  • strong muscles and bones
  • weight control
  • decreased risk of developing type 2 diabetes
  • better sleep
  • a better outlook on life


Healthy, physically active kids also are more likely to be academically motivated, alert, and successful. And physical competence builds self-esteem at every age. So now that the summer is nearing, find creative ways to keep kids active at home and make sure to enroll them in the a SunnyD ProCamp!

No purchase necessary. Open to legal US residents at least 18 years old.  Void where prohibited.  Sponsored by SunnyD.

Teacher & Students Make Prosthetic Limbs Out of Old Car and Bike Parts

Teachers have played an important part of my life.  After parents I believe teachers are the ones that help build student’s self-confidence. From self-worth to self-acceptance, teachers can create opportunities that can transform lives. I was lucky to have teachers that build me up and made me feel loved at times when I didn’t have it at home. When a teacher dedicated time so I learned and added a happy face or a “good job” at the top of my assignments I felt my life was important to someone.  Many of them went above and beyond to make sure students left everyday with something new in our heads, most of the time that meant buying materials and items out of their own pockets.


Because I had such a great experience with all my teachers, I wanted to help other children and help them achieve their goals while letting them know they are important to me. So at a young age I decided to become a Sunday school teacher and be the kind of teacher I loved.  It wasn’t until I was a teacher myself that I understood the challenges that teachers face every day.

Teachers spend money every year out of their own pocket, especially in underfunded areas and yet they are doing innovative things in the classroom but they need our help. Such is the case of a pre-engineering teacher at Calera High School, Brian Copes. He pushes his students to shift their focus from themselves to others. Brian’s students make prosthetic limbs out of old car and bike parts, and even help make utility vehicles for people in Honduras. Isn’t that amazing!?

I’m asking you today from the bottom of my hear to donate Brian and his students so they can continue changing lives through Adopt-A-Classroom, a nonprofit organization that helps connect donors with teachers to enhance the learning environment for students.

Office Depot and Adopt-A-Classroom have partnered to raise awareness about teachers, and all that they do in the lives of their students – let’s join them too!

One look at the video below and you will be compelled to help and here is how:

How to Register Your Classroom as a Teacher

  • Go to Teachers Change Lives website (
  • Click on the red box that says “Register Your Classroom,” which will take you to the Adopt-A-Classroom website
  • Follow the corresponding steps from there

How to Donate to a Teacher

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.