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    1. Donate your orphaned earrings or unwanted jewelry
    2. We find a home for the earring by beading it into a bracelet while recycling materials
    3. The bracelet gets sold and together we raise funds for orphans in Latin America

You know the earring that sits at the bottom of your jewelry box? The one laying there without a soul mate, collecting dust and surrounded by lint? Who once upon a time matched perfectly with your favorite skirt and seemed it sparkle beyond shine when you paired them with a plain white-t and jeans? If you’re anything like me, you still remember the tragic day when you lost the one earring and there was no consolation to the devastation! You loved this pair of earrings so much you just can’t bear to toss the surviving earring away… So, you save it, hoping for a miracle to happen and its soul mate to surface.

Yeah… get over it, it’s not going to happen!

Rather, embrace the loss and allow your orphaned earring do more than what you ever imagined – donate it and see it do great things!

The Orphaned Earring is dedicated to giving new meaning and purpose to your  lonely orphaned earrings.  If you send us your orphaned earring(s) we will find a beautiful home for it – as the centerpiece of a beautiful bracelet!

We are aware that, at this moment, we cannot fulfill all the basic needs of all the children but we strongly believe every child at the orphanages deserve a fun childhood. With a little bit of attention, fun and lots of love, we bring arts & crafts to brighten their life, spark creative thinking and at least for a little while try to make their harsh life experiences seem like a distant memory.

If you’d like to donate, THANK YOU, and you could safely do it through PayPal.

So stop waiting for a miracle, clean out your jewelry box, dust it off and send us your orphaned earring and see it transform into something beautiful!


Screen Shot 2014-05-17 at 8.20.31 PM

At an early age I started working with kids through Sunday School at church and immediately fell in love the kids and with volunteering.

I noticed that it was the little things a person could say or do to lift a child up, help him believe in himself, help them see their dreams as attainable and propel them to achieve their goals. It could be as little as noticing a little girl’s new dress, a boy’s cool haircut; to taking time to listen to what they had to say.

No matter the ages, children are so fun, unique, creative, trusting and God knows they can be gross and mischievous! All the reasons to love them unconditionally.

In 2008, through family and friends I visited an orphanage in Nicaragua called Escuela de Internos Hosanna, and was so confused and stricken as to WHY, WHY, WHY! would someone reject or abandon so many beautiful kids! The orphanage houses kids of all different backgrounds; abused, abandoned, fostered and children of addict parents.

I still remember how the youngest orphan, a baby girl only 9 months old, was being taken care of by the older girls, no older than 11 years old!

Every year, a Christmas party is organized for the children where presents are sponsored for more than 40 kids. The celebrities consist of a meal, usually a sandwich, cookies and punch. Of course the piñata is the highlight of the party for the kids and even when the piñata is broken and the boys (of course) launch over the candies, at the end, they share and distribute the candy among themselves.

I was informed not too long ago that the older girls, now 14 and 15 years old, go out to their communities to serve and volunteer and help other poverty stricken kids… I was so overwhelmed by this information; these orphans have nothing, zip, zero, nada! Yet they find an alternative way to share their time with others.

They demonstrate LOVE despite of their own conditions, despite of them not having their parents love! WOW!

The Orphaned Earring was created to help those kids. My family and friends in Nicaragua struggle to make ends meet, therefore, limited as to how much they can help. I collect toys and lightly used clothes from co-workers to send to staff and kids at the orphanage and although I would like to do more, I have my own financial limitations.

This is why I created The Orphaned Earring, to raise funds for the kids in Nicaragua.

Among the several jobs I had to pay for school, I learned how to make jewels, nothing fancy, just nice enough to sell and pay for tuition. After graduation I got busy with internships, networking and then a full time job and stopped making jewels. I’m so grateful for all that God has given me and now is the perfect time start making jewels again for an even greater purpose: the orphans.

Hope you can join me in the simple quest of providing the basics; clothes, shoes and better conditions for them all PLUS a Holiday and Summer Party every year! And maybe someday you can go to Nicaragua and show them your love yourself.

Denisse Montalvan
Chief Inspired Visionaire


The Orphan’s Friend


by Julia A Moore

Come all kind, good people,
With sympathizing hearts,
Come listen to a few kind words
A friend to you imparts.
Be kind to an orphan child,
And always be its friend,
You will be happy in this world,
And will be to the end.

Be kind to the motherless,
Little motherless ones,
For God will forever bless
You in this world to come.
No kind and loving mother
To soothe their little brow,
Be kind to them always, friends,
They have no mother now.

Be kind to the fatherless,
Wherever you may find
One little one that is friendless,
I pray you all be kind.
For it has no loving father,
To speak with mild reproof,
Or guide its youthful footsteps
In honesty and truth

Be kind to the little orphans,
They have no parents dear;
Be kind to the little orphans,
Speak to them words of cheer,
Then they will always love you
For kind and gentle words,
Then God will ever bless you,
For He says so in His word.

Meet the Orphaned Bracelets!


You may support The Orphaned Earring by purchasing a bracelet featuring a orphaned earring as the centerpiece of the bracelet. All of our bracelets are unique, one of a kind and hand made, just like our kids!

When you purchase a bracelet, we carefully wrap and ship them with love.

If you’d like to donate orphaned earrings or any other jewelry:

Please send your orphaned earring to the address below and it too will find a happy home while YOU support little orphaned children.

Orphaned Bracelet
P.O. Box 1565
Hawthorne, CA 90251

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  1. Rachael

    Do you only want orphaned earrings, or can I send beads/necklaces that could be taken apart?

  2. Anonymous

    UPS will not deliver to a PO box. Is there a physical address? I have a big box to send to you with lots of jewelry.

  3. Editor Post author

    Hello! And thank you for reaching out to us. I would love to provide an alternative address, you can email me at for any questions. You can also send the package via regular mail, I think that’s a inexpensive option too! Can’t wait to see the goodies you will send in benefit of our kids! – Denisse

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