Save the Date: Quinceanera Celebration!

Sisterly loveDid you have a Sweet 16 or Quinceañera?  In the Hispanic culture it’s truly a big deal for girls, it’s the rite of passage into womanhood. It can range from a small party at home to a very expensive and elaborate ceremony. It is so popular that there are magazines, websites and business thriving at the demand. Many girls dream of the day they are officially a señorita and there are many parents willing to pay anything to make their little girl’s dream come true; to the point that it’s just over the top!

The father’s part in the ceremony begins with the purchase of her first pair of high heels for the occasion. At the Quinceanera celebration, the honored girl’s father will remove the flat-heeled shoes from his daughter’s feet and replace them with the high heels as a highlight of her transition from girlhood into womanhood.

But what happens when a little girl does not have a father or mother? Or when her father abandoned her, or mistreated her and had to be placed in a home until she’s old enough that she has to leave?Quince!

There is no way we can heal the wounds some of our señoritas may still have but we can at least support them during this special time in their lives.

The Orphaned Earring is helping 6 girls from the Mexico orphanage make their Quinceanera dream come true. They need EVERYTHING! From the cake, to the dress, to hair and makeup to a tent to have a reception, you name it, they need it! These girls are truly deserving of a celebration, they help take care of their little ‘brothers’ and ‘sisters’ at the orphanage and have lots of responsibility with chores all while getting good grades in school.

We need your help! If you can donate money, resources or talents we would appreciate it! Email me at and we can coordinate with the orphanage.


When: Saturday, September 28th, 2013

Where: Ceremony will be held at Calvary Chapel of Rosarito, Mexico

Reception: Grace Childrens’ Home