business with a cause

In My Own Heart

These days I rarely wear any bracelet other than ones we make at The Orphaned Earring, but today I made an exception. I’m sporting a unique bracelet that is as unique as the ones I make because it has purpose and meaning.

I’m wearing a bracelet made in Haiti by a master artisan, representing the heart and soul of its people, a unique piece reflecting history, culture and art coupled with excellent Haitian workmanship that’s been passed down for centuries.

The Heart of Haiti is a program created by Fair Winds Trading, a company that financially empowers women in the world by turning their craft into a business. In other words, items that are being created by artisans who already had it in their heritage are now learning how to truly make their craft sustainable with the support of donors and partners such as Macy’s. This truly gives Haitians an opportunity to recover and take care of themselves through skills they already possess or want to learn.

Some might judge me for what I’m going to say but in the U.S., when a random person at a freeway exit  or at a gas station asks me for money, I usually will not give them cash, I’ll buy them food if their hungry but no cash. I feel that there are so many programs in the U.S. that are dedicated to helping people out, either providing food, training or medical/psychological attention, that I can’t bring myself to handing out cash that can be used to really help someone in desperate need.

But how about countries such as Haiti where even if a person wants to do better for themselves – they can’t! The government can’t help them and everyone around them is probably in the same condition. So programs such as Heart of Haiti really spark something in me. There’s something about empowering those who truly need help and then seeing them soar to a better life that truly makes my heart rejoice. My guess is that those who never had anything and work hard for what they have can truly appreciate the opportunities and till take advantage of them.

To all the Haitian artisans: Congratulations! You have my admiration and respect and I will keep you in my prayers and ask God to prosper all that your hands touch.

I received a Macy’s Heart of Haiti bracelet that sparked this post and all opinions are my own.